Using the methodology of the Functional Movement Screen, we take a prescriptive approach to training with interventions based on the needs of each individual athlete. Quality movement involves lifelong development and demands a commitment to technical excellence. We offer both individual sessions and semi-private training.

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                      Functional Movement Systems


Go beyond form and technique by unlocking the physical limitations that create movement inefficiencies and injuries. Form and technique in the swim stroke and running stride are visual expressions of each athlete's underlying movement ability. Efficiency is based not on a visual ideal but instead upon how each athlete's technique harmonizes with his or her own physical limitations.

                     Movement screening 

                     Run Video Analysis 

                     Underwater swim video analysis   


We integrate the best of time-tested aerobic conditioning principles with advancements in the fields of skill acquisition, movement based strength and conditioning, and recovery optimization. We offer personally tailored training programs and extensive coach-athlete interaction to ensure you train optimally for your individual needs.




Allan Phillips at Pike Athletics  is our sports performance head coach. Please contact him at 520-306-8093 for training opportunities. We also partner with Excell Triathlon Coaching  for triathlon specific coaching.